New rules for worlds effect on nationals, and north american yoyo scene

If you guys haven’t heard there is new rules for the world yoyo contest.
More info:
Round structure:
Seeding rules:

I think these rules are very fair and support them 100 percent but there are some problems.

No longer will all national will all national champions qualify to finals only winners of eyyc, AP, and North American championship(which hasn’t been created yet).

Doesn’t this slightly hinder the competitiveness and more a motivation of winning the up coming us nationals?

Also we don’t have a north american championship yet we need to get on creating one if we need we want to send some one to the finals at worlds.

I feel like the biggest incentive for winning Nationals, is to win Nationals. Getting a better seed to Worlds is a nice touch, but it doesn’t seem like the main reason that most people compete.

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Here’s a diagram about these rule changes that they are sending out on facebook: