World yoyo contest random question!!!!!!

Hi all,
I had a quick question about the seeding to the worlds.
I was wondering what is the easiest national to win to get seeded to worlds. Do you have to be seeded to do them(Nationals) ??? Or do only some like the us nats need seeding.

In short,
What is the easiest way to compete in prelims at worlds.
You need no seed for wild card, correct?

If your skill level is no where near top 10 US, why do you want to get seeded? Plus, you’re not gonna win any national contest anywhere if you’re not top 10 US

There’s nothing easy about making it to the biggest stage in yoyoing.

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I do not want to go and compete. I am sorry if my question was misleading.
I just wondered what was the easiest way because some prelims at worlds were of basically of yoyoers who only could do basic tricks.

There are no terrible yo-yoers. Perhaps they were just having a bad day. Or maybe they didn’t fully think out their routine. To say they were terrible is kind of a rude thing to say. it takes lots of guts and skill to get on stage and yoyo in front of hundreds of people. I think even if they didn’t do their best they still deserve some respect for doing what they do.




Competitive yoyoing is really inconsistent, and its honestly unfair to judge a player’s skills based on a single freestyle. Honestly if you make it onto the Worlds stage that by itself is a HUGE accomplishment

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What about wild card?

I was thinking more of starting from prelims because anyone can compete in wildcard I believe

What do you guys think is a easy national to place higher in that youcan do without a seed

Austria nationals, last years only around 6 people competed. France can be also quite easy.

According to the website:

So basically, go to the smallest National contest available and you’re pretty much guaranteed a spot. Bina said that the Austrian Nats had 6 people, so one could pretty much enter that with nothing but a double or nothing and make prelims. :stuck_out_tongue:

but all nationals need a seed correct

Not all of them. I highly doubt that a National contest with only 6 people in needs a regional seed.

Last time I went to UK Nationals you didn’t need a seeding to compete, and I don’t believe that has changed… our scene is pretty small here so it’s not like anything is required to cut down competitor numbers. :slight_smile:

You do actually have to have a real tie to a country (citizen, legal resident, etc) in order to compete at a national contest for worlds qualification/seeding.

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We also have a Semi Pro dev. (last year 3 Contestants) which you have to win in order to enter Pro dev the next year. also you need legal residentship to be considered austrian champion. But it is true, we are members of the IYYF and also used our seeds to Prelims and Semi Finals @ the Worlds in Prague.

You are welcome to give it a shot @ our 1A Open dev. that is crowded with European top Players from Hungary, Czech Rep and Slovakia. But to win that will only award you glory and goodies.

thats for all nationals I assume

Do you have to get seeded for the women’s division at worlds?

Why should that be any different?

Women division is open to anybody as any other division. Japan had to run Wildcard round, but there were no seeds.