Once again, a noobie question.

So if someone won USA nationals what contest to they go to next and what is the lowest place you can get to progress forward to the next contest

Yah…, does anybody have a Mortal Kombat style flow chart made up? :smiley:

The USA nationals are not a seeding event to any other contests, but your next logical event could be worlds…

Then how do you get to worlds? Can anyone do it?

You get seeded to semis at worlds.

Seeded from what contest?

worlds semifinal

wait wait how do you get to worlds semi?

yeah I am lost too! XD

I’ve never been more confused with Yo-Yo Competition until now, after reading this Thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


Anything you need to know

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Yah or just read the Freestyle Rules on the Contest Sites?

Why didn’t you just say that in the first place? Instead of posting you have never been more confused after reading a thread.

So I decide to post up a useful link and all of a sudden you Flow with information, lol

Good job…


Takeshi Matsuura has more worlds titles than Hiroyuki Suzuki! AHHHH WOW AND HES ONLY LIKE 16

yes he started from a very young age and he progressed like crazy. His performances leave me in awe.