Wyyc alternate freestyle videos

Guys I recorded a few of the alternate freestyles that happened at worlds. Www.youtube.com/brickyfilms

I posted
Harrison lee
Ayumu harada
Jensen Kimmit
And Charles haycock


Can someone explain to me what an alternative freestyle is?

After the 1A finals, people who didn’t make it that far (or in Jensen’s case, didn’t compete) have a chance to go up on stage and show what would’ve been their finals freestyle. It’s a great idea in my opinion.

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They were started last year as a way for people who are recognized as good competitors who really wanted to show off their 3-minute freestyles - to do so.

Basically, after all is said and done, people get up and show their stuff - not judged, but just for kicks.


Thanks for the explanation.
And that was the first time I saw Ayuma throw. Looks like between him and Harrison CLYW has a very bright future.

did you get petr and palli?

No. What it was is players last year showing blatant disrespect to the World YoYo Contest and acting like their “after the event was over” routines were sanctioned and authorized. An obvious snub towards the organization.

This isn’t an official part of the contest. They shouldn’t act like it was.

Now, on an alternate thought process, I do feel this can have a place in the whole scheme of things. I think there should simply be a few slots for exhibition performances. There are plenty of times where the facility isn’t being actively used. See how many alternate freestyles want to register(this category should be free or very reduced fee) on site, and then see how many can go into each slot. I do think it needs to have a pre-qualifier of the player being a recognized high-level performing player. This should also be open to those registered in other divisions as an active competitor. The only vote to determine winners is the audience via “noise poll” measured by a decibel meter. This may have to be done after all the other events are done for the day though but before 1A finals and awards.

If Worlds continues to be held inside some sort of facility that can support a 24X7 operation(read: not the typical stage in a mall contest that most contests are), since the gear doesn’t have to set/strike, it can work. If the equipment owners are open to the idea and willing to provide support services. Set it for an hour and limit the routines to 10 for one night, and 10 for the next.

When I do SacAnime, it’s an 8AM to 2AM grind for 2 days. The first day is 4PM to 2AM grind, and the last day is an 8AM to 8PM grind. Since the facility is a venue for holding convenitions, this would meet the 24X7 type guideline. However, after 2Am and the EMD event is over, I do a full power down and boot the anime fans out of the main events hall. At that point, they are tired too and just need a gentle nudge to let them know “hey, go get rest, there’s probably Anime on Cartoon Network on the hotel TV”

Sorry I didn’t get anyone else. I really should have gotten the rest of the clyw team but my battery was near dead.

No, it really wasn’t. These players have worked on these finals freestyles so hard. When they don’t make finals all that work goes to waste. This provides a way to show off what you have worked on, but otherwise wouldn’t have been able to show off. They just want to get up and do freestyles. They had absolutely no bad intentions toward worlds itself.


This is so, so untrue. Last year, Sebastian made it clear that he was the one organizing the freestyles, and they occurred long after all the “official” events had concluded. The vibe was extremely spontaneous and unofficial. This year, he worked with the organizers to make sure that they had a proper timeslot and location, and they were MC’ed by a National Master. Hardly a snub.

I think you’re misunderstanding the point of the alternative freestyles entirely. First off, the division is treated like a very informal invitational. Adding registration, pre-qualification, etc, would make the alternatives too much like the actual contest, which defeats the purpose completely. Second off, the division doesn’t have winners. There isn’t any judging or scoring at all, and adding it (again) would defeat the purpose completely.

My advice would be to spend more time going to Worlds and watching the alternative freestyles in person, and less time posting on the internet about an event you clearly didn’t attend, and clearly have no understanding of.

Also, Charles Haycock is awesome.


You spend a lot of time here pretending to know what you’re talking about. Mostly you don’t.

The time, space, and resources were specifically set aside for this by the contest organizer, Greg Cohen, with a sound system that he brought specifically for this purpose. It was run by Sebastian Brock last year as a way to recognize top “players favorite” players that didn’t make finals, and it was done with the express permission and support of the official event.

I appreciate that you’re always willing to spend a lot of time online offering what you perceive to be helpful information, and telling everyone how hard you work when you do sound for events. But I think you need to spend a little more time actually learning about this stuff instead of just posting self-aggrandizing missives for the benefit of people who don’t know any better.


It says the videos have been removed. can you repost them?

Odd how it wasn’t Greg’s system. Odd how the production company had to cut off the event because he had to get his stuff out of there. Odd how Greg didn’t know about it. They guys came in and asked if they could use the gear for a bit. They were given some permission. When it was discovered what was going on, it was shut down. It was also shut down due to the fact that Tony wanted to get his gear home since the show was over. Production companies don’t get paid for stuff after the event. The fact that Sebastion was pushing buttons really didn’t mean much. But if that’s what is constitutes “running an event”, well, I guess concert promotion is in his future as well.

Words from Greg and Tony. Not mine.

I suggest you take your own advice as well and check your facts.

You’re missing the forest for the trees, man.

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Who is honestly complaining about this? OH NO I get to see some awesome throwers throw down great tricks and freestyles. OUTRAGE! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE

seriously though, I think its awesome. I watched the videos that I could find of it and seemed like everyone was super relaxed, having fun, and doing great stuff. Worlds competition is great and all, but I imagine the pressure is immense. This seems like a way to show something you worked very hard on, and still be able to enjoy it. It doesnt need to be judged, there doesn’t need to be a winner. So what it was unofficial the first time and a little sketchy. OBVIOUSLY upon retrospect the organizers thought it was a good idea since it happened again, with Steve as MC.


Videos had to be removed due to rights claimed by yoyo news :frowning: sorry guys.

What?? That really sucks. I really wanted to see Jensen and Chuck. Did yoyonews post them, then? Could someone give me a link? But really, that just blows. Who even cares about some rights, especially if you even filmed it yourself?

YoYoNews helped present Alternative Freestyles, and it was specifically under the condition that we get exclusive video. It’s not a big deal, we’ve got top quality footage of them that will be going up shortly from the best possible angle. Bricky missed the announcement about it, that’s all, and we very much appreciate him being so understanding about it. :slight_smile:


Worlds is not Tony’s event, and I’m not surprised that he would be unaware of the details.

World’s was Greg’s event, and considering that I talked to him myself, helped organize, and I was actually there, I think it’s safe to say that once again you are out of your depth.


Ok, thanks Steve. Looking forward to those videos! Sorry about getting your vids removed Bricky.

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