My WCYYC routine! What do you think?

I hope this link works. so I got 1st place in the 1a amateur division here. What do you think? What could I improve?

Wow very good, reminded me of jensen kimmitt in terms of style.

Thanks! what do you think i should improve?

Cool and congrats!
Did you win anything for 1st?
Also, just curious, is there like an age restriction for the amateur division?

Really good. All I can say is watch others in competition and get as much experience as you can.

Why amateur? I thought you had some really good trick in there that I’d be happy to put in some of my routines, if I had made them.

That was great! As for advice, put something snappy at the end of freestyles so it ends definitively.

Thanks guys! I’ll make sure my next routine will be more flashy. As for winnings, I got $150 and a prize pack (which still hasn’t arrived)

Aw sweet
Curious what the prize pack is :o

Yeah me too. I’ll put it up here when i get it

Congrats on the win! Really good stuff and this is one of the few routines where I knew the music. Keepin it classy 8)

that was awesome looking looking to see some more from you!!!

I saw you at the contest. Really good job