BLC Freestyle Practice

Let’s do this. Rookie Division. :slight_smile:

good luck, and good job! ;D

You’re gonna own everyone bro.

Haha thanks guys. :slight_smile: I’m pretty amped up. Mainly because I’ll be able to get a KLR, haha. Question, do I actually win anything for winning Rookie Division?

When I competed in 2010, the 1st through 5th place winners got to go to a table and pick out any yoyo they wanted. There were One Drops and stuff.

Wanna know why I was super mad? I got sixth. And it’s ONLY cause I got a knot at the bottom of my yoyo TWICE. I would’ve won I think. It’s just annoying.

So yeah. You’ll prolly get first.

Also, ask Ernie if he’s giving one (a KLR) to the winner of the contest. Maybe you could get two? :slight_smile: