Reverse Jensen Kimmitt Inspired Hop Combo + Other Tricks


This is my entry for the C3 Yoyo Design Contest. Enjoy!


I’m not sure what happened to my brain just now. Before I clicked “play”, it was all firm and focused. Now it’s all mushy and scattered.

Thanks for sharing!


That was amazing. :o Are you sponsored?


Dude you have sick moves. I am very impressed. I still have a stupid grin on my face. That was good, man.


Holy… Why don’t you head on down to Florida and win the Worlds. That was amazing.


Thanks guys! And no, I’m not sponsored.


Dude, like you seriously need to be sponsored…


Dude, you killed it. Actually, it’ll be sad if you don’t win something.


Maybe one day. haha



(MikeMonty) #11

Killer video man, reminded me of JD and Sage from back in the day :slight_smile: Good luck with your contest!


Wish i ran a company so i could sponsor you lol. That was great. Good mix of styles.


Somebody has told me that before. I don’t see it though.