My 2013 CLYW Video Contest Entry

Make sure to TURN UP THE VOLUME for this one, and WATCH IT TILL THE END!

I hope you guys like it!

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BTW guys, I won’t be posting any new videos in the near future (unless I make it to Round 2, LOL), but the new “My Favorites” tutorials series will be coming soon!

Dude, I love your style. You seem to have a really creative mind when it comes to trick development. Keep up the good work and I can almost guarantee that you will make it into finals next GA States ;D.


Really good work! You are on a rapid road towards success if you keep hard at it like you’ve been doing!

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Great stuff! Your style is very similar to mine with a lot of slacks and stuff, but it’s very different also…

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Man, I knew you were good. BUT THAT WAS AWESOME!

I had no idea you could do some of those things. Great job. I can see you winning this thing.

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Thanks man! It means a lot coming from somebody as good as you!

Trick development is definitely something I love to do. I like taking something simple and turning it into something awesome!

And I’ll definitely be working toward finals at GA States!

Nice Job I relly like that grind to GT

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Thank you! I’ll definitely try my best!

Thanks dude!

Cool! I’ll have to rewatch your entry to see what you mean, LOL.

I love the element of surprise. LOL.

But anyway, thanks dude! I don’t know about me winning it all though…I just hope to make it to round two!

Thanks dude!

I actually shot that part a little after I did the main part, because I decided that I needed a little banger! LOL.

It was certainly a banger. My little brother was really excited when he saw you do that.
It was my favorite part too.

I did that in mine lol
I couldn’t find the exact angle, so I had to get creative.

Thanks! Glad to hear about your lil bro, LOL.

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So I finally rewatched your entry, and first of all, I can see why you think are styles are similar yet different. But secondly - the grind trick you did at the end of your video was different from the one I did. You kind of held the side of the yoyo and did a bind, but I did a finger grind to a GT via the slack loop. So yeah…sorry if you were offended or something though.

Oh, no! I didn’t mean the exact same trick! I had to go back and film a little more, which is why I had to change the the angle slightly.

OH! Wow, I totally read what you said incorrectly, LOL.

Lol no problem I do it all the time