2013 CLYW Video Contest-Wilson Ni

Well, This was really fun :slight_smile:

Please give me criticism!


That’s dope!

Thankyou Thankyouuu!

Simply magical.

Your awesome man! Still one if my favorite players!

Wonderful tricks as usual. I wish it was a little bit more in focus but a joy to watch. Thank you!

No no! Thank YOU! :slight_smile:
I love knowing my throwing is a Joy!

Haha, you’re welcome! :wink:

Amazing tricks! I just can’t help thinking that the contest isn’t all about tricks so I wanted to see you get out yo’ dang room for a change. :wink: When I saw you had a CLYW video, I thought that would be the one to get you outside!

Unless of course you’re agoraphobic in which case it’s kinda beyond your control…

But the tricks, man… beautiful! Loved the ‘against the norm’ choice of music, too.

Well Thank you!
And Well. The room things is like this.
Its about 30 degrees outside in New York.
I’m from Georgia. So I would freeze to DEATH. Hopefully I can find a new location sometime soon though! I’m Pretty sick of it too!
Plus I gotta get me a Tripod haha.

I’m Glad you Enjoyed my Style of Yoyoing!
And This song means a lot to me, and I would usually listen to very heavy music, but they use a bit of cussing, and much more screaming/harsh Vocals etc. So Most people wouldn’t watch my videos due to that! -Sigh-

cool last trick :slight_smile:

Amazing as always but don’t worry about the outdoor thing, its not exactly the warmest in Georgia either

Super duper, but if I could say 1 thing, its that the video is also supposed to portray the clyw theme, which I didn’t feel like when I saw the video I thought of “Hey! CLYW!” But other than that, awesome job, dude! I think we have a finalist!

Nice Job

Amem azn if you ever come back to Georgia. Hit me up.

Great video and great tricks. I mean setting is the only criticism there.

Will do!
And I really do miss Georgia.
I hope to come back soon. -sigh-

Great video.

Admitted, it’s not the best I have seen but it certainly beats mine.

How bout a bump? :slight_smile:

I know I didn’t make it.
But I really like this video :slight_smile: