C3YoYoDesign x YoYoExpert DARK Video Contest!


YoYoExpert and C3yoyodesign are excited to announce our first collaborative VIDEO CONTEST!

1st Place – USD 400 + Darksonic x 1
2nd Place – USD 150 + Darksonic x 1 + Darkstar x 1
3rd Place – USD 100 + Darkstar

Check out the rules here!

Looks like this is my project for the Easter, though I am not brilliant but my editing should not be bad…

AWWW MAN! Can’t wait!

I gotta get working

Just posted my vid on youtube!!!

share your video link please :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this will work but my entry (hopefully):


Can’t really see…


Where do we enter? My entry is a couple posts above this.

I think if you read the main post carefully you may just find it…

dang it, some time ago I made a video that could go into this contest but it was 3a D:

I would enter but I still need a good idea and a camera but I got the tricks and have some songs that I can use that would fit the theme very well.

Only a couple more days till they announce the winner! Getting anxious… ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Some excellent vids turned up in the last days, top 3 is fairly easy to figure out, there are 3 or 4 vids clearly above the rest. tried my best but I don’t consider mine being one of em. And I probably have the lowest level of all. But yea, it was a great challenge and awesome theme, I enjoyed filming it a lot.

Mine was terrible.

Hey YYE,
I have a question. In the rules, it says your video has to be one minute or less. My entry is less than one minute, but when I was looking on the entry page, I saw a ton of videos that went over the one minute mark. Will these entries be disqualified or will they still be counted??

Results today? ??? ??? ???


Give them time.

Hard decision.

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Still no results…