wuts the best clyw yoyo

I wanna know wut the best clyw yoyo is


None of them are better than any other, just different.


i agree. no yoyo is neccessarily better than the other. its all preference. i have a wooly marmot. i got the yye exclusive marmot. a.k.a. iron man marmot. and i love it. its been my favorite throw since i’ve had it. i have also played with a bassalope and i love it to. so, as far as i can tell they are all amazing. you cant go wrong with clyw. hope this helped a little bit

size chart
i would personally take a wooly any day

Just going by the look and stats on the things, the Basslope’s for me.

The Wolverine BvM with a small vibe.

It’s your favorite.

Hopefully its the wooly marmot, being as though I should be recieving mine in the post in the next few days.

forgot the galactic goose, i love it

I really like the Gnarwal, been my favorite throw since I got it.

i have a marmot, peak, and bvm. each of them is great in their own ways.

That one.

the bassalope
it is awesome!!!

i got a peak, bvm, bassalope, wooly marmot and a campfire and they are all awesome, maybe my least fav is the bvm, but that’s cos its a little slimmer than the others, and not really my style. best all round imo, i say bass or marmot (which is a small peak).

My Favorite is the Marmot, then the Bassalope, then the Campfire!