Im thinking about getting either a wooly marmot, a boss or some other YYF metal for christmas. I think I am going to get a wooly but could you tell me your experience with these yoyos and which do you prefer/have/like the best.

just get the one that you like better and has a better shape for you

I am really deciding between a boss or a wooly marmot. Does anybody have any of them? If you do what are the pros and cons of each.

Come on, nobodys got a wooly marmot or a boss?? :-[

Not sure about the Marmot, but I have played with a BOSS. The pros are:

  • Nice and stable
  • Smooth
  • Nice grinding
  • Fits in hand

There’s not really any cons.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

i haven’t played with the boss but i do have a YYF Genesis and i love it but i also have the marmot and i prefer it more that my YYF Genesis. All i can tell you is that the Marmot is super smooth on the string and the weights just right i love CLYW yoyo’s they always come out a yoyo that does not ever disappoint you. I also have a bassalope and peak and i love them too.

Which is your favorite between the bassalope peak and marmot??

well between the three i would go with the peak if i want to play with and over size yoyo and the marmot if i want an undersize yoyo. Basically, the marmot is a smaller version of the the peak.

I think Im going to go with the wooly.