CLYW Peak or Wooly Marmot?

I’m saving up for either a Peak or Wooly Marmot.
I know the Peak plays nice, but has anybody tried
a Wooly Marmot? If so, do you think it plays better
than the Peak, or not? Why? I’ll probably get a Peak,
but I’m just curious what people think. Thanx.

If you like full-sized, get a Peak. If you like undersized, get a Wooly Marmot.

I know that, I just hadn’t tried a marmot. I generally like a bigger yoyo,
which is why I favor the Peak, I was just seeing if anybody had tried a marmot.

Get a Peak or I will stop Funding you ;D

If you like larger yoyo’s get a Peak. The marmot was designed to be an undersized peak. They will play extremely similarly.

I have played the Wooley Marmot and the Peak and the Wooley Marmot plays a lot better than it.
but it is just my opinion.

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First person that’s tried a marmot! Thanks for posting. About how much smaller is the Marmot than the Peak? Bigger than an AXIOM? Around the size of a Hitman?


Dude, if you stop funding, I’ll never get my Peak. So if you stop funding after I get a Marmot, I won’t need you anymore; I’ll have put your money to use.


Peaks are just awesomer.

Way off. Many many many people have used it before him.

He means the first to post in this topic…

That’s not what I meant. :stuck_out_tongue: I meant he was the first person
to respond to this thread who had actually tried one, and not simply took
a guess at what it played like.

Haha. See, Kim-Lan knew what I meant!

get teh peak!

you can thank me for this post btw!

~ greenbologna!

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I have a peak and I love it. on getting a marmot. Think about this way, you can go to a Nation and get the peak right now, but you will have to wait on a marmot. I say get the peak!

Yeah, I’d love an Alex Peak, but I’m like $90 short. :-[ :’(
I tried Alex Berenguel’s and I think the anno feels alot
better than the other Peaks.

He wasn’t the first, I was.
Its smaller, just compare the specs from this.

I really prefer the Wooly Marmot, but they are both AMAZING players.
You will only have to wait about a week for the Wooly Marmot.

Another thing, Wooly Marmots are about 3 grams lighter than a Peak.
So if you want something fast and agile, get a Wooly Marmot.
If you want something full sized and you don’t want to wait a week, get an Alex Bearing-Gull Peak.

I’d love to get an Alex Peak. Especially because I know Alex Berenguel pretty well;
I see him at the yoyo club I go to every other Saturday.

And I didn’t mean he was the first person to try a Marmot, I meant he was the first person
to reply on this thread that had tried one. And how can you be the first person to have played
one… Chris and/or Jensen Kimmit tried the first ones likely. :slight_smile: