Peak or Woolly Marmot?

This is a Peak vs Woolly Marmot review. Hope you enjoy it!

Right off the bat you can see that both yoyos come in nice little cardboard boxes. Personally i like the WM’s (short for Woolly Marmot) box better. You can not tell from my pictures, but there is art on every side of the box, there even is a nice little stamp on the bottom of the box to boot. When you open the box two nice looking yoyos are sitting inside. Not much to say about the yoyos looks, because there are so many different looking peaks and WMs i can not really comment on the looks of the actual yoyo itself. I can say however there are 4 different WM colors, Clear/Grey/purple, Pink and Purple acid wash, Hulk Smash, and Red engraved. There are too many Peak colors to name.

The Box art, to see more pictures of the WMs box art check out the CLYW blog.

The two yoyos, Peak on the left and Woolly Marmot on the right. Both look really nice.

Both yoyos have similar shapes, so you are probably thinking, they would feel similarly. Or at least i was, until i had them both in my hand. As the WM is smaller than the Peak, it is more comfortable in my little 14 year old hands. I just feel like i can get a better grip on the WM than the Peak because of its size. For some of the larger handed players the WM might feel uncomfortable in your hands, and you might like the feel of the peak better. I am pretty sure both yoyos sport a Bead Blasted surface, which is great for grinding. Although the shapes do have strong resemblance there are a few microscopic differences.
The Peak has a slightly more gradual slope. Very slightly, but there.

Also as you can see the WM is a little narrower than the peak.

Them WM is not as tall.

This is where the big difference is. Ill start with the peak. The peak is very “floaty” on the string, not too heavy but not too light. You can make it move fast (just look at Jensen) but it is the player and not the yoyo. I consider my self an average player, and as an average player the peak is not an extremely fast player. You can make it move, but it is by no means as fast as its offspring the WM. Most peaks also have what is called “peak vibe”. This vibe is small but noticeable. I have heard you can tune it out but i am too lazy to try. The peak is a “large” yoyo by todays standards. The WM is a totally different yo-yo. The WM is not as floaty on the string, it by no means feels like dead weight on the bottom of the string, it still has the similar light feeling just not as floaty. This yoyo is fast, very fast. As i said before it is the player not the yoyo, but as an average player, i can make this move fast very fast. Zero vibe whatsoever. The WM is undersized, but that is the average size of yoyos now-a-days. Both yoyos use silicon as a response. You will like each yoyo differently depending on how you play. If you want speed and/or tech you might like the Marmot, if your tricks are slower and not very techy you may prefer the Peak.

So as i have said, the Peak is larger, floater, and has a slightly more gradual slope. The WM is much smaller, a bit narrower, smoother (with out the peak being tuned), faster, and has a very slightly less gradual slope.
Another thing i have not mentioned is the lip. The lip of the WM is tilted in like the BvsM, while the peaks it flat. Here are some pictures:

Peak lip, it is flat. This makes it a little harder to IRG.

The concave lip of the WM allows for easy IGRs.

Here are some more comparison pictures.

Peak, FHZ, WM

Peak, FHZ, WM

I am not going to tell you which one you should get but hopefully you can decide form reading this review.
Thanks for reading! If you have any questions shoot me a PM.

  • Jeremy Gelman

Very good comparison review!

The Wooly Marmot looks a lot more easier to hold, but the Peak has better colors in my opinion. :wink:

Very good review there. Really glad you didn’t use any form of rating system.

Very nice review!
Nice comparisons.

great review and really interesting ! it’s hard to choose between those two and everybody don’t have 200 bucks to spend to get the two ones!

i had the choice beetwen wooly marmot and BVM… i chose BVM because the shape is so particular that i wanted to try it …(ogopogo edition ) but i think i would prefer WM because i love undersized yoyos and the peak never really interessed me !

so if anyone wants a review i may do one when my package will be there!

A very good review indeed! Very descriptive! Well written! Put alot of effort into this! ;D Good job!

Nice review! I like the boxes! :o

Very good review!