Wooly Marmot by Caribou Lodge: A High Speed YoYo Review

The newest yoyo to the Caribou Lodge YoYo Works line up is the Wooly Marmot, often referred to as the small diameter Peak. The Wooly Marmot, to me, was an exciting purchase. I am known to love smaller diameter yoyos. When I laid eyes on the Pink/Purple acid wash I couldn’t help but buy it. The Marmot, as most call it, features almost an identical shape to the beloved Peak series from CLYW. The main changes are the diameter and the width, with the width being a hair narrower. For me, this yoyo was going to be exciting to own. Will it live up to the pedestal I put the Full Size Peak on, or would it fall short. Only time would tell.

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Great Review! Well done :wink:

Is anything done to the surface of the yoyo other than the anodize job?

I want one… :wink: Cool review.

I have wanted one… Good review, keep it up!

Nice review! :smiley:

Nice review. I just wish it came with a small bearing, or at least the option of bearing size. Even still, I’d really like to try one, the shape/size looks awesome and the acid washed version looks amazing.