Which CLYW should I get?

I was going to get a CLYW Wooly Marmot today but they sold the last 2 while I was at school. Should I get a Peak instead since they don’t have any Wooly Marmots left?

Or maybe just some other undersized yoyo if that was what you were looking for. I you just wanted to have a CLYW then just pick one, as weird as it may sound, all CLYW’s are CLYW’s.

So… Peak and WM are basically the same?

no, the peak is a full size yoyo and the wm is a lighter, undersized version of the peak, what JonasK means is that alot of people hear great things about CLYW yoyos so they want one but it doesnt matter what you get its still a CLYW yoyo and its still gonna be a great yoyo

Okay. Thanks.