Woolymarmot and peak

Which Yoyo is better for me.I like size imbetween protostar and 888.I like very unreaponsive like protostar.Which one has better sleep time probaly but just asking(I like long spinning).basiccally size is what I mostly think about them.I tryed wooly marmot at contest and liked it.So which one do you think is best fow me. ???

So unfortunately the last run of Peaks just sold out, so the only way you can get that is through the B/S/T. The Wooly Marmot is still in stock. So I say go for that. Both of them are long spinning (usually any yoyo will sleep as long to do a trick, it just really matters on your throw. With the exception of 3$ yoyos) The Wooly marmot is undersized like the 888. So if you lked it when you tried it you should go for it. Also CLWY is giving away two wooly marmots in a drawing contest. Check it out: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,19741.0.html

I like the Wm more in my opinion but the peak is more stable.