i am thinking about getting theses yoyo pick you favorite

i dont know which one to get please help :slight_smile: thanks

Preference? Are there any preferences for you?

I would say either Wooly Marmot or Supra. The Supra has a wide slanted shape and plays very well. Smooth, vibeless etc.

I’ve also heard the Wooly Marmot is a beast. Like it plays and feels like a beast.

I hear many good things about the sky walker.

If you can get one. lol

among all those, I really want a sky walker.
But the supra shape is really nice too.

b/s/t plus the way he asked the question seemed like he had acess to one.

OMG OMG OMG OMG get the wooly marmot. I haven’t played with any of the others but I got my marmot today, and it is the best yoyo i own and is dead smooth and has no vibe and sleeps for so long and is awesome at grinds of all types and is very comfortable in the hand and has a cute box.

Just a couple of the good things about the wooly marmot. ;D

i tried my friends supra and i love it so i am gonna get it saturday


go wooly marmot or skywalker. skywalker is gonna be overpriced so go wooly. I don’t like alot of rim weight on my throws and the batt and supra seem like they are super solid rim weighted. Although the batt is pretty light it might even it out. But yeah go marmot.

i might get sky walker or wolly marmot depends