which yoyo

i am trying to decide which yoyo and it has to be fast cause the wooly marmont is coming in stock tommorow.

sorry didnt finish wooly marmont or yyf skyline

You should get a Trident.

I have a wooly marmot, and I tried a Skyline.

Long story extremely short: I didn’t like the Skyline. It didn’t feel like it played. The wooly marmot played creamy smooth. And honestly, I didn’t throw the skyline that much, but I threw it more than I threw my wooly marmot. My wooly marmot lives its box, in as close to mint as one can get. It’s a pretty 28 stories colorway.

That’s all I’m saying. The skyline wasn’t a good match for me. So, of those two, I gotta say if it was me spending my money, I’d go for the wooly Marmot.

Honestly, I hope you get a chance to try this for yourself before they drop. But with less than a day, forget it. At my yoyo meets, I try to bring my entire collection(which keeps growing, as does many of our collections) and you’d have a chance to try out anything I have, which ranges from super inexpensive Duncans, to CLYW’s and One Drops.

Regarding the C3YoYoDesign Trident:
It’s a bit more than I’m willing to spend on that brand, but it’s got a V-type shape I really like. I’m currently waiting for the DiBase to re-stock. I feel more comfortable spending $55 and then upgrading to a Trident, Winning Bird or Dark Star. In general, this company has shapes I generally like and work well for me. I like everything about the Beserker based on numbers except for the price and colorways, but I always have issues with colorwas. The blue/gold or gold might be the way I go on that. The DiBase will be blue or bronze. However, I’ve never as much as in person seen aC3YoYoDesign yoyo to date.

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