New Yoyo

Looking to get a new throw preferences doesn’t matter just want the best one for it’s price
I have narrowed it down to
Rebel Macrosom
Spy Roonin
Spy Punchline Repeater
CLYW Woolymarmot
And Monkey Finger Evil Yo
General Yo Ministar
G2 Albatross
My main preference is smooth but if you prefer a yoyo tell me why thanks

From what I can figure out, those are all nice choices. I have interest in getting a Ronin and an Evil Yo. The Macrocosm is too ugly in their current colorway for me to even consider for the moment. I don’t get some of the colorway stuff.

Of what you have listed, I have a Wooly Marmot(not the current run, but a 28 stories). Very smooth, nice in the hand, feels good, stable, can grind great and spins a good long time with a good throw. I don’t find mine to vibe unless I’ve done something like hit a string bad or not done a good throw. Something about CLYW, I mean, you’ve no doubt heard how nice they are, and then to actually play one, well, for most people, it justifies the cost and the hype. Of course, like everything else, preferences do play a major factor. I like them. I know a few people who aren’t CLYW fans. Worst case is to hang onto the box and it will retain value on BST.

The Evil Yo might step up on my priority list. I like that general kind of shape. I worry about the rims though since they sort of come to a point. It should be really stable. If I had to get one, it would have to be the Nickel Mint. The YYE one is too busy and I don’t care for the others.

Thanks anyone else have opinions



Of what you listed, I’d get the Evil Monkey. It has some sweet color ways and the shape is something truly evil looking.

Have you tried it do u know how it plays



I’d go for the albatross, I’ve heard good things and worst case scenario you sell it on the bst while it’s still hot

I got to demo one at pnwr before they dropped. Amazing throw! Smooth definantly unique. Average spin and real good for those tight complex tricks. Floaty I guess would be the word.

I have the new run wooly marmot I love it so I would recommend that but if you don’t like light yoyos don’t get it

Any other preferences

I would wait for the code 2 it’s an amazing player!

Many for sale on the BST for ~$100. You could probably haggle someone down to $90 for a mint one.