Your average help me post


I’m getting a new throw this summer, can you people on the forums help me out? Prefs: undersized, large bearing, color does matter, and I’m in advanced. The yos I’m looking at are a. Wooly b. Pyro c. Envy 64 (bst) thanks!


how r u gonna get a envy or a pyro?


I’d say Wooly Marmot by your preferences.


if you like a more rounded shape with slightly flat rims go for a wooly
if you want a completely round shape go for a pyro
if you want an extreme h-profile go for the envy 64


Though the pyro is a full sized yoyo, he is looking for undersized.


look at the yoyos that he is thinking of buying


The H-Spin Pyro yoyo is undersized. Thank you.


The title made me clap.

Not sure if you put Wooly first for a reason or not, but if it’s first on your list, go for it! It’s a great yoyo.

(drumma/yoyo) #9

a a a a a marmot

(SR) #10

Wooly Marmot. It is really a great yoyo, and fits your preferences nicely.


you meant m m m m m marmot ;D