Need advice/ opinions for new purchase! :)


I am new to the yo-yoing community. I have been yo-yoing for a very long time, but when it comes to the “terms” I am clueless. I’ve been using a Dark Magic 1 (started with a Duncan Freestyle/Freethrow?) since it came out, and recently got back into yo-yoing. I am looking to improve my play and find a nicer throw. (The plastic has cracked after hours of use lol). I am debating on getting the wooly marmot 2 tonight, or possibly a chief. I see that the marmot is actually smaller in diameter than the dark magic. I’m not sure if I would enjoy this. I also noticed that the chief had a lot of great reviews and was a quite larger yoyo. By the looks of the chief, I liked the bearing gap. This gap looked like it would make slack and looping tricks easier. I am not really sure which I would prefer, based on my inexperience in buying more expensive yoyos.

I am just curious on peoples opinions and possible guidance towards my next purchase. I really appreciate it:)!

There are an infinite number of great yoyos

The descision for you is you price range

Yes you can drop $150 + for a new Chief or other expensive metals and they will knock your socks off
You can also spend around $50 (ex. Shutter, Yeti, benchmarks, etc.) and still have some really great and fun throws!

Just try a bunch of different styles of throws (over-sized, full-sized, different shapes)
Find one that jives for you! :smiley:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

the Wooly Marmot 2 is going to be fairly small if I remember right. The chief is definitely an excellent playing yoyo but keep in mind that since this is going to be a daily carry you’ll probly be beating this throw up a lot. I might take a look at the Too Hot. At $50 it’s hard to pass up and is definately a nice yoyo. At that price you could still get something else like the tenyoyo Bebop which is only $70 and you’d still be paying less than the chief. Some other good cheap throws would be the benchmark series from onedrop, level 6 from c3, minute and 86400 from werrd, all of recrev’s stuff, all of YoyoOfficers stuff (especially the hatchet), and of course the shutter and czm8 from yoyofactory. Another thing to consider is that a large amount of throws come with side effects which allow you to replace the hub if you accidentally strip the yoyo. I might consider the Summit for that reason.

BTW the Duncan you had was called a duncan freehand I think. And you can not go wrong with a shutter. It’s great.