New Throw

Hey there you yoyoers of the forum, i was hoping to get your opinion on what my next yoyo should be, something that plays well and is pretty much at an affordable price, thank you for your attention and if you’re really willing, check out my youtube channel @ thank you :slight_smile:

What your preference, are you a beginner,intermatetiate, advance

Fyi: Your might take some heat from this thread as we see a lot of these and people don’t always take kindly to it. Anyway, here are some good cost-efficient throws:

  1. Di Base. Fun, smooth throw that plays well and can handle most tricks out there.

  2. My personal recommendation, the Capless. Problably one of the best all around throws out there and with a konkave bearing it is an ANIMAL.

3: Dark Magic 2. Generic as heck, but isn’t bad for it’s price.

4: Finally, the Popstar. Love the heck out of these things. One might call them “fun size.” Don’t be deceived by their tiny appearance, however, they are string slingin’ machines.

Hope this helps. Be wise on your journey through the world of yo.

I would go with one of these besides the POPSstar. It’s a fun throw but I would recommend getting a good solid throw first.

I LOVE the Capeless… I think… I don’t know

It hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. But I haven’t got to throw anything in days so…

I love it! I think…

I wanted a Di Base but I could only find pink…

Seriously who wants to see a middle aged guy in the park twirling a pink yo-yo?

get the Dibase, it was my first metal in till I striped it, man that yoyo got me to Intermetitate to advance part 2. I say buy the Dibase you won’t regret it.



Classic, Perlude, Speed maker, or a Legacy 2.

Out if the Yoyojams the Classic and Legacy are the best.

Yoyofactorys: ONE, Whip, OneStar, or a velocity.

Out of the Yoyofactorys, The OneStar is the best playing, the velocity is a Unresponsive (not come back to hand) and responsive(come back), the Whip and One aren’t the best, but they are cheaper if you don’t want to spend to much.

Adegle: PSG and Asteroid.

Both are great, but the PSG is more popular among other throwers.

DUNCAN: Can’t go wrong with any of their throws.

Well. Butterfly XT, Pro Z, Free Hand Zero, Free Hand 2, or if she wants metal, Metal Drifter.

Out of those the Metal drifter, and the Free hand 2 or 0 are the best.

Many more to chose from but those are a good amount to chose from for now ;).

How advanced are you? The DIbase Capless and some others are pricey and are unresponsive pro metal yoyos.

Something cheaper if your going unresponsive, Yoyojam Chaser, YYF Shaqlerstar Protostar* andOnestar.

  • Is the best IMO.

Yeah… what is affordable?

maximum price help a lot. beyond that plastic or metal.

assuming what I consider affordable matches what you are in… only one brand of metal is affordable soooo… Magic Yoyo… metal and can be had anywhere from 10.00-30.00depending on the model. I have a T8… it’s awesome. but great value for the price.

Next in line would be a Duncan Metal Drifter or Duncan Metal Zero… far as price.

Far as plastic i’m all about recommending a yyj speedmaker or a yyj kickside. both are capable of beginner to advanced. The response type for both is the same the shape of each is different. The speedmaker here lately has become my main throw …

We need to know how good you are and your price range, as well as other yoyo(s) you have.

Alpha Crash is my fave plastic

I’d agree with the others that the Dibase is a good way to go but the Dibase2 should be coming out soon so I might wait for that