Best kinda cheap yoyo

What’s the best yo-yo inder $50 that this website has?

depends on your preference. are you a small yoyo person? Whats your style of play? I would shop in the Yoyojam section. They have the best selection for starters from Dark magic on up.

i think a dark magic 2

Nope. There is no “best.”

i would say the protostar… it is light but stable and is plastic so does not “ding” as easily as a metal throw and it is cheap! $35!!!

Necro, wrong subject?

I’d say spend an extra 15 and get a Capless. I’m stunned at the price for this one. Easily could go for over 100 with its high quality and unique finish.
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If you want a small one get a dv888 big one dark magic 2


Haha I didn’t even notice the necro. I didn’t make the necro happen though…thankfully. I didn’t necro anything in quite a while…

My favourite at that price range would be the God-Tricks Destiny.

I think you can all stop the recommendations. I highly doubt that this guy still needs recommendations. Plus he’s probably never heard of these throws from three years in the future!

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