The best!


Wich yoyo do you think is the best for its price? Tell me!


If you like it, then it’s the best. If you don’t, then it’s not.

One of the best values I’ve found are:

The YYJ Classic. $10, can’t beat it. Well, add a better bearing and silicone it.
YYJ Trigger. Hey, I’m a YYJ fan, but this is still really good.

Protostar and Northstar. $35, plays with the big boys. Hard to deny.

DM2: Takes you from zero to hero, 1A,3A,5A, competes and carry throw. What’s not to like? 2 yoyos in one.

Di Base: The name means basic, and it may be, but it basically kicks a lot of butt.

After that, too many preferences enter the equation. Even with the DiBase, preferences start to play a major role.


I’d say the Dark magic 2.
-can handle any trick that you throw at it
-pretty stable and smooth
-has an irg
-can grind
-comes with responsive and unresponsive bearing so you can change how you play very easy
-it’s also very affordable.

I’d like to see what everyone else think’s about this! :slight_smile:



you really can’t go wrong with any yoyo. either you like it, it makes you better, or both.