Pro tips for a returning thrower


Hey everyone. I am a returning beginner/intermediate yo yoer waiting for the holidays to get 2 or 3 yoyos to play with, as the other ones from my past have either been stolen or sold. (Someone stole my DMll)

If you would, please help me with a recommended yo yo and a couple pro tips. I will be basing my yo yo purchases solely on your opinion, so make it count.


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First off, welcome to YoYoExpert forums. Glad you found us and even happier you’ve joined us in conversation.

You are going to receive a ton of ideas here, which of course it what you’re looking for. You didn’t give any indication of what price range you would expect us to stay within. My two suggestions are going to be in the medium price range. (You already had a DMII, so you are already aware of that one.)

I think the C3 Capless is an amazing throw for it’s price tag. It runs around $65 but can out play yoyos which cost twice as much.

I love my YYF Genesis. It’s a bit more expensive, but still well under $100 and just a tremendous yoyo to learn advanced and expert tricks on.

There are just a ton more choices and I know you’re about to hear about them real soon!

We’re so glad you’re here. Hope to see you around lots!


So get another DMII. That blue one w/gold rims is really nice.

I have one of those.


Wow! I’ve never seen that one before. That’s really sharp!

Yeah, get that.

(SR) #6

A few options for you. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

$30 Range- YoYoFactory ProtoStar or YoYoJam Trigger
$40 Range- YoYoJam Dark Magic
$50-60 Range- C3 Di-Base or C3 Capless
$80 Range- YoYoFactory Genesis or Supernova
$100 Range- One Drop Code 2
$120 and up- CLYW Chief, CLYW Avalanche

My top reccomendations are the YYF ProtoStar in the cheaper range and the Genesis or Supernova in the expensive range.

If you’re going to bring the big guns out, get a nice CLYW, like a Chief or Avalanche.


I’d reccomend staying away from getting another DMII because of the highwall, which causes problems on tricks with a lot of wraps. If you want something smaller, grab a Metropolis and a Graua (spelling?) string. The metropolis plays nice and fast, but cuts strings, so use a Graua string with it to counteract that. It’s surprisingly stable.


Ooh, that’s pretty. I might have to get me one of those. I do prefer blue with silver rims as is with my first DM2, but I could go for that.

I digress.

To the OP:

It’s hard to say what to recommend. I still strongly recommend the DM2. It’s still my main go-to throw despite having One Drop and CLYW stuff(and other pricey stuff). It’s great.

I think to help you out, we might want to know either total budget, or max per throw, materials, any preferences you may have developed or what-ever.

I could say a DM2, XCon Pro and Trigger if you’re into all plastic. Or swap out the Trigger for a Protostar. Or switch the XCon Pro for a dv888, or maybe the DM2 for a Dibase.

With amazing yoyos all over the price spectrum it’s hard to really give you good advise yet.

A cheap trio of good stuff:
YYJ Classic, get a second bearing with it for unresponsive play, and a Lyn Fury but clean the bearing and silicone it. Then get your choice of an Adegle PSG or Asteroid or a YYF Stackless PSG. All great stuff. The Asteroid is kinda big yet speedy, so would give you some nice contrast to the other two. The Classic is solid, full sized, large catch zone and good weight. The Lyn Fury is undersized, so good to keep you sharp. The Asteroid is just plain fun.

I had the same issue with the Metropolis. Two choices:
Rub down the bearing area with a durable cloth to take some “edge” off it, or have Duncan replace it. I had Duncan replace mine, it plays fine now, no more string eating. And yes, the Metropolis is really good.


Thanks for your input
It looks like getting another DMll is good option, but the Capless looks encouraging. I am going to end up choosing one metal and one plastic for now, as I love metal and have never tried plastics.

I am basically not going over a total of 120$ for sure, so no Genesis type throws at this point. Also keep in mind I am practically a beginner after having nearly a year of off-time. Responsive/unresponsive does not affect me. I can bind pretty well.
As far as protips go, I am searching for throw tips to increase spin, lose vibe, etc. I don’t need to worry about tricks right now. Some tips on the little things like mods, parts, or technique will help me a ton.

Thanks for your input so far


Plastic: DM2 or Shaqlerstar or the Champions Collection Protostar when that comes out. Metal: Capless, Di Base, DV888, Duncan Raptor.

As far as tips go, don’t feel that you have to throw everything with full force, especially when starting out. A good firm throw will give you a nice stable spin that will go long enough to complete most tricks.



Lol that actually helped… I threw my DM like a madman…


Ever considered a Di base?


If you can pay $10 more than the Capless, I highly reccomend the Roll Model. Also, if you want a cheap metal I have a 2010 Severe for sale (like a Supernova but an older model). It’s a bit beat up, but plays really well and I’m not looking for too much.