New to throwing...

So I’ve been throwing for about a two months now. I had a raider when I was younger and recently decided to start again. I would say that I’m still a noob but I’m looking for a good yoyo that can move me forward. Any advice is welcome, let me know where you think I should start. Thanks

It seems like you already have a Dm2 no? That bring you a very far distance

I have a Peter Fish Luminator. This is my everyday throw. Just wanted to see if maybe there was something better to work with.

Yoyofactory one or the yoyofactory whip are great throws to start on that can go pretty far
Same with any of the $15 yoyojams
Those will let you do both responsive and unresponsive

If you want something different the adegle PSG and Asteroid are both great

The new Duncan flipside is awesome and if you absolutely must have a metal throw check out magicyo since there stuff is very cheap but still plays awesome with the N11 being my personal favorite.

I’ve also been checking ou the C3 Alpha Clash but have yet to try one myself

There are a lot of good plastics out there:
YYF one
YYF whip
YYJ classic
YYF velocity
And more, but there’s a few anyway.

If you’re looking for something that will last for years and years, I’d go ahead and buy a YoYoJam Dark Magic II, an extra bearing, some bearing lube, and 100 polyester strings.

That purchase will cost about $60, but you’ll never need another yoyo again. You’ll be able to clean your own bearings, lube them, and always have a backup. You’ll be able to use a new string every week for two years. Your yoyo will be able to handle any trick you can possibly imagine and do a great job at it “to boot”.

Instead of spending $10 or $15 on a cheaper all-plastic yoyo, you might as well take the slight jump into the next level of performance now rather than later.

The kickside is bawss responsive or un this is the throw that i started with it took me all the way to advanced 1 then i got the dm 2 it took me to expert 1 then i got a hitman - bawss