Supra or Marmot?

I’m a bit hesitant to buy the Supra, but after many reviews and videos, I’ve come to a two choices.
I might buy either the CLYW Wooly Marmot, or the SPYY Supra.

I’ve owned three CLYW’s so far, so I know that I won’t be dissapointed, but I think I wanna try the Supra, which will I be less dissapointed with?
I preffer a smaller floaty yoyo, than a heavy solid one.
My style derives off of follow combo’s and quick play.


The marmot isn’t a forgiving yoyo, but it’s very smooth.

As for the Supra, it’s to my understanding that it’s a very smooth, stable yoyo :slight_smile:

So I should go for the Supra? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing against CLYW, but, yes. It costs less and is more stable IMO.