CLYW Wooly Marmot 2, Arctic Circle 2, or Summit?


I like medium speed to slow play and I was wondering what would be a good yoyo. I don’t know the difference between the three and how do they do against each other.


My AC2 and Summit feel very similar to me, and both play at whatever speed I want them to. Haven’t thrown a WM2, though it’s on my wish list.

You can’t go wrong with any of them. Summit tends to be cheapest and easiest to find, though.



I’d probably say summit because it’s available to buy new at all times


^I’d agree with him, just because the Summit is more readily available. It’s also really great for medium speed, very comfortable, easy to pace. The AC2 plays like a much faster Summit IMO.

The WM2 would also be great for you, I’m a big fan of the Summit and like the Wooly just as much.


Thank you guys for the info so much, does the Superstar, Supernova, or the Genesis resemble these yoyos at all and are they as good as people say? Do any of the yoyos no this thread grind well?


The supernova and summit have a similar shape.


All CLYW yoyos have a great finish for grinding, especially the 2014 lineup(I think the blast is different)


pick up some monkeyfinger buff it makez my grinds much better