any resemblance?

Let me cut to the chase i wanted a wooly marmot ever since i tried one but i dont want one off the bst, i am currently reinventing my style and want a yoyo similar to the marmot, undersized nimble light yeah my style will include lots of hops and flows( think jensen kimmit :stuck_out_tongue: not stealing his style just making my own which similar)
so the yoyo i noticed was the spyy spyder 2 i read somewhere it plays almost identically to the marmot is that true is there any resemblance between them
if not recommend.another throw.that is undersized nimble handles hops and flowy transitions kind of like a wooly marmot

Spyder 2 is a much better yoyo than the Marmot. Get it.

Spyder 2 is great. You can never go wrong with a SPYY. Marmot is wonderful but yeah…get yourself a Spyder 2. Well worth it and absolutely can do everything in your style you are talking about.

One Drop Y-Factor also comes to mind. Spin Dynamics Smooth Move

I have a Wooly Marmot that doesn’t feel particularly light! I’m told there were two distinctly different weights of Marmot. Not that it has anything to do with your question. :wink: