what is your favorite yoyo. That you have tried or played.

title says all.
not that you own though.
mine is the Wooley Marmot and Basselope.

Catch 22

Wooly Marmot all the way.

I just thought, maybe they should make a furry yoyo! Great grinds… and it’ll be unique!

I used my friends DV888 and it was so smooth

Well the favorite yoyo I own if a bully, but since that is not allowed I say wedgie, until I get one in the near future.(yay)

Raw Pure

ive been yoyoing for three weeks and ive had a couple yoyos and legacy is my favorite

Hybrid Hitman, really wanna try an XConvict though

i may sound stupid, but what is a wooly marmot, where can i see one because i typed it in on yoyo nation and there were no results. ???

ps. fav yo i haz is dv888…soo smooth. fav yo i dont haz, superstar. :slight_smile:


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Wooly Marmot

The Wooly Marmot is Caribou Lodge YoYo Works’s prototype yoyo that hasn’t been released yet.
It is Jensen Kimmitt’s signature yoyo, you can see him using one at BAC.

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Also known as the “mini” peak.

Or the “Perfect” yoyo.
In 2 people’s opinion. :wink:

or 3 including me but back on topic. My favorite is Wooly Marmot with Bassalope barely behind

I meant you and me O.o
But yea, Marmot then Bassalope.


My favorite is Wooly Marmot with Bassalope barely behind

No no no, you’ve got it all wrong - Bassalope, with Wooly Marmot barely behind. ;D