Favourite CLYW

I was just wondering which CLYW yoyo do you guys like best (if you have any) and why?

I don’t have any, but the Augie Fash CLYW + YYF is one. Thats cool.

ya, I can’t wait till the wooly marmot and bassalope are released! They look cool, and I want to try them.


Chris was at MWR BBQ and was selling fools gold and a few Bassalope protos, I tried one and I loved it.

Did they say when they were going to be released?


Just because it’s the only full-sized yoyo from CLYW.

Peak. I have tried a BvM, it’s design doesn’t really feel right. Althought I still want to try a Wolly Marmot.

I don’t really like the Wolly Marmot.

But I LOVE the Wooly Marmot.

Where do you get all there jokes from. :slight_smile:

I like when people don’t say what they mean to say or whatever…

And I have no life.

That was a weird response…

Bear Vs. Man! ;D

My second favorite would probably be the Zombie vs. Man.



Never tried a clyw, but the wooly marmot looks the best!

Zombie Beaver vs. Zombie Beaver is awesome.

So true… :o

The BvM is just Oh-So-Good.

Never tried a Marmot or a Bassalope though.