Best CLYW on your opinion?


My favorite is the Peak because of its shape and size :smiley:

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Funny you should say, because MY favorite is the Marmot for IT’S size and shape :smiley:


You gotta love the shape of a peak and marmot :wink:


they all good :wink: but the snipe is better


Yeah, I do!

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Marmot and BvM

I’ve only tried a few CLYW’s though, so yeah I may not be that accurate on my vote.


Yeah, I forgot the the Bear VS. Man.


does anyone know what a CLYW Snipe look like?


gnarwhal gnarwhal lol. Because it has a cute mascot, and because it’s small and fast (even though it didn’t look it at all) ;D


I might get a Puffin Gnargen Gnarwhal


the snipe is a fictional yoyo, believed to be the god of them all

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The campfire rules!


Thats alright its is your opinion