favorite clyw

im lookin in to buyin one, leave a comment to on why you like iy ;D


i like the avalanche because it is oversized which i normally hate oversized throws but this is amazing it is smooth fairly fast and great at grinds. The sasquatch comes in at a close second place

i’ve got a gnarwahl ,wooly markmont and sasquatch
sasquatch is a monster

I always wanted the Gnarwhal, but I couldn’t find one at the time. So I bought the Sasquatch. Great yo yo!!!
I finally got the Gnar and I still like the Sas better.

Sasquatch right now, but I’ve got an Avalanche on the way.

Honestly, my favorite is the Wooly Marmot, but i really don’t think that there is one that tops the rest. I feel like each CLYW brings out one thing that is better on it than the others. These are the ones I’ve tried with the goods and bads:

Wooly Marmot:
-my favorite for smoothness, so yeah, DEAD SMOOTH
-not stable at all
-has fine, but not amazing, sleep times

-pretty smooth but not dead smooth
-great sleep times

Bear vs Man:
-very smooth
-it wobbles a very tiny bit on a throw that isn’t perfect; corrects itself, but not right away
-incredibly super stable
-good sleep times

Bassalope, the REAL Bassalope. Small bearing or no bearing.

Any of em O0

Grooveless Avalanche owns them all tho…