WTF am I doing wrong - a Diabolo story

Ok… So what am I doing wrong? Every video I watch says to put the diabolo on the floor in front of your right foot and move it from right to left and lift it int he air to get it spinning. Mine doesn’t spin, it just sits on the string and then falls off. what the heck man?

Maybe it has a one way bearing?

How do I figure that out o.o

Spin the bearing both ways if one of the ways spins and the other doesn’t it is a one way bearing.

I have tried spinning it both ways and it doesn’t move at all. I’ve watched videos online about how to start and it talks about having the white or black side facing you based on your handedness but the middle of my Diabolo is all black on both sides. Soooooo I have no idea what to do o.o again.

I have tried putting it on the ground and pulling it up like the videos say and then when it didn’t spin, I turned it around to try the other way and it still doesn’t spin. I am just so confused…

Maybe it’s a fixed tip diablo.

Thank you, but that doesn’t really help me. How do I use one of those and how do I find out if it is or not?

If the axle doesn’t spin then it is a fixed tip. Use the internet.

Try youtube…“how to use or make a Diabolo spin?”

I’ve had the same problem with mine before, so I know how you feel. I just gave up, though, and stuck to yoyos and kendama.

You need to learn to accelerate the diabolo, only takes a few minutes to learn. There are a million videos and tutorials on this, should be easy to find.

Your diabolo has a fixed axle, so which side is pointing out does not matter. The only time you have to worry about that is if it has a one-way ball bearing… since your axle does not spin, that is not a concern for you.