Wrist mount tricks

Did any yoyoer create tricks starting from wrist mounts, I have not seen any yet.

Jason Lee (I think) made Superman.

I don’t know who, but he made spirit bomb.

I don’t know who again, but he made Buddha Bomb.

I think it was me, made Airflow.

spirit bomb is one, i believe superman comes from it as well, check out the Expert and Master tutorials on this site

How about wrist whip?

I’ve got one called portrait of karma. I’ll be posting a vid soon.

Good name! =) Spirit bomb is the only one I know - I’ve tried to land superman, but no luck yet. I’ll have to look up Budda bomb.

Here’s one I found…


Hope this helped ya out! ;D

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on the “duncan a new level” DVD there is the trick fury cake