Wrist mount tricks

(Cinimod105) #1

Did any yoyoer create tricks starting from wrist mounts, I have not seen any yet.


Jason Lee (I think) made Superman.

I don’t know who, but he made spirit bomb.

I don’t know who again, but he made Buddha Bomb.

I think it was me, made Airflow.

(Infinite Chaos) #3

spirit bomb is one, i believe superman comes from it as well, check out the Expert and Master tutorials on this site

(Cinimod105) #4

How about wrist whip?

(Zach Smith) #5

I’ve got one called portrait of karma. I’ll be posting a vid soon.


Good name! =) Spirit bomb is the only one I know - I’ve tried to land superman, but no luck yet. I’ll have to look up Budda bomb.


Here’s one I found…


Hope this helped ya out! ;D


on the “duncan a new level” DVD there is the trick fury cake