tricks from a wrist mount?


Hey, I was curious about tricks using the wrist mount, Im not very fond of it so i have been working on spirit bomb and superman alot to kind of get me more comfortable with it. But wanted to see if you guys knew any more tricks using the wrist mount so it gives me more of a variety to work with.

So…what’chu guys got?

Thanks in advance.


(Raphael) #3

Spirit Bomb, Superman, and if you can count this as a Wrist mount, triangle symmetry.


different GT’s like when in wrist mount do the first underpass of spirit bomb (where you end up in the heart thing) then drop the strings on your TH like the wrist whip to GT, then you should be in GT


Thanks all, especially you ibanez, that will def give me something to work on for awhile, i gt it down, just to now get it smooth.

I need more lol