Wrist mount - Thumb or Index?

I learned wrist mount by first going around the non-throw-hand index finger (like a trapeze) before going around the throw-hand wrist, and around the NTH index again before dropping it into the “bucket”.

Used Miguel Correa’s very good tutorial for Spirit Bomb to learn that trick, and he goes first around the thumb, the way you would if you were throwing a Houdini mount, before going around the index on the second pre-bucket pass.

Do you always do it a particular way? Thumb or index?

If you use both, do you have a particular reason why? Just on a whim? Since wrist mount completes by dropping the NTH, I can’t think of a practical reason to use both other than for the giggle of it (ever since seeing that video, I’ve been doing both for the giggles but I still consider myself an index-finger wrist mounter).

Thumb :wink:

I’ve always used my thumb, it’s just easiest to catch the yoyo through the triangle if you can spread it by moving your thumb and I-finger away from eachother.

might just be cause it’s early morning for me and I don’t have a yoyo around me to try but I can’t even fathom how you would go about using your index for both the ‘bucket’ and the ‘drop’.

Finger. But I’ve recently learned a fancier way to get into it via a houdini-ish sort of mount. I’ll post a video of it when I can get some time during the day.


im th only one who uses both? Hahah!

I did use the index but the picture im getting in my uead is if i use my thumb il hav emor eroom to catch the yoyo… ill have to try that

You do! There’s definitely more room. But if you’ve already learned with the index, you don’t actually “need” more room, you’re already landing your wrist mount virtually 100% of the time. :wink:

Thumb! It allows you to open the bucket formation wider.

i use my index finger first and then my middle finger

Added an “Other” option for you.

Index then middle, eh? Neat. Going to have to try that.

i also tend to use the slack variations more than anything.

well i just watched the tutorial and learned it yesterday so its not the best hehe

I wrap around my whole hand… Haha

When I first learned I used my index but now I use a sort of inverted slack trapeze thing.

Do you know if there’s any footage out there of someone doing this method? Be interested to see it! After learning slack double-or-nothing last night I’m suddenly keen on slacky ways to get into mounts.

Sometimes I alternate to make sure that I can do it both ways.

I go around both fingers (thumb and index) and I hit the string with my hand and spread it apart. It gives my TONS of room and makes it easier to transition to magic tricks and spirit bomb

I use my index finger. Although, I forgot that there are cool slacky ways to get into a wrist mount. Its about time I go learn those.

I always use my index finger. I’ve never tried it with my thumb. I guess it doesn’t matter what you use.

I just swing it around my knuckles. It feels natural to me.