The Zipper help

No matter how hard I try I cant get the string to go from a braintwister mount over my thumb into the backwards trapeze thing. It just feels natural for me to go over my middle finger.

So I guess my question is… is it necessary for you to go over your thumb?

no it is not needed to go over your thumb, if it feels comferable to go over your middle finger then you are not weird I prefer to go over my thumb. But if it feels right to go over your middle finger then go over your middle finger.

Hi, no it’s not entirely necessary for the string to go over your thumb. However, if you want to perform this trick as smoothly as possible, I suggest learning it how Andre is teaching. I still have trouble with this trick, but mostly just trying to keep the yoyo straight and consecutively hitting the string. You will find what method works best for you but I found that going over your thumb is the best way to make it look smooth. Good luck!

What made it easy for me to learn, was to start off with my pointer finger, then when I dismounted, I went on my thumb.

Have Fun Throwing,


I just learned this trick about 2 days ago, and I used to have the same problem as you. I felt uncomfortable bringing the yoyo over my thumb. So, what I decided to do was to swap in the thumb for everything the pointer finger does(in Andre’s version). And Therefore, swap the pointer in for whatever the thumb does in Andre’s version. This makes it so you start out going into a braintwister mount with your thumb, instead of pointer finger, as you would usually do. This makes it so the yoyo will come over your pointer finger in your trouble spot. (Which makes it more comfortable for me) Also, this means that when you go to dismount at the end, before you go back into a braintwister mount to repear, the yoyo comes over your thumb. To sum it all up, substitute your thumb in for what your pointer finger wyould do according to Andre’s video. Hope this helps! :wink: