Help with The Zipper!

Hi Everybody,

So I’m having some difficulty with The Zipper. This may be a bit difficult to explain. I am able to go into the Brain Twister mount, exit over my thumb, and land into the trapeze just fine. However, when I roll my throw hand over my non-throw hand to begin the loops out of the trapeze mount, I am forced to immediately bring my throw hand back upwards to complete the second roll of the dismount.

Technically, I am able to complete the trick continuously, but it does not look like how Andre does it in the video. When Andre brings his throw hand over his non-throw hand to dismount from the trapeze, he seems to be able to pull his throw hand downward to create the momentum to dismount the yoyo. When I attempt to pull my throw hand downward, I can only complete one loop around my non-throw hand, and the yoyo ends up stuck without completing the dismount. Either that, or it binds on my hand.

Has anyone else had this issue? I’m curious what exactly I am doing wrong and I cannot seem to figure it out. I am happy I can complete the trick the way I am doing it now, but it looks nowhere near as smooth as when Andre does it.

Make sure you aren’t giving the yoyo any slack when you are on the front of the string. When the yoyo is on the front of the string it is ready to just eat up any slack it can and depending on the gap of your yoyo, can bind fairly easily. So when you are on the front try to make sure you keep the yoyo as far out on the string as possible throughout that portion of the trick, ie: no slack. Hope this helps.


Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the advice. I’m going to continue practicing today and work on keeping the slack to a minimum. Also, I am using a YoYoFactory Shutter.