The Zipper binds back at me in the middle of doing the trick.

Anybody else have this problem? When doing the zipper, in the middle of the trick, it binds back at me and snaps against my fingers and it hurts.

keeping a good tension on the string when doing zipper… can you say on which movement it snapping back… it might be that when you get in the forward position that is close to a bind your accidentally binding or wrapping the yoyo too much…

at 1:37 on the video.

You are probably pulling it straight back when you do the wrap almost like a bind instead of kind of pushing the yoyo to the spin if that makes sense.

The answers from the other people are good and there probably right but it might just be because your yoyos to responsive.

That trick was invented on fixed axle, tight gapped wooden throws. There is no chance your yoyo is too responsive.

The strings are oriented for bind. The yoyo should not move “along” the string during that pivot. It should feel almost glued to the string as you go through that part.


Your issue used to happen to me. The trick is to push the yoyo and not pull the string. If you pull the string it will bind.