Buddhas's Revenge

When I am about to push into the string on the first part the yoyo catches. :frowning: The Atmosphere is ment to be unresposive :confused: Any help please :slight_smile:

Do you mean after you get into the 1.5 mount and roll it over your hands?

The string probably isn’t sliding across your fingers like it should. Might be because of sweaty hands, old string, or just sticky string. This is making it wrap up around the bearing and bind back to your hand. Try a new or different string and see if it still does it.

Yes at that point, sorry I wasn’t very discriptive. no its still binding back

Is the string sliding across your hand easily or does it kind of stick?

the strings fine however I just did the trick but my yoyo was only just spinning but when i finshed the trick i could still bind back. omg i’m being such a pain.

Naw, it’s fine. Somebody else is probably having this problem too.

lol thanks, i’m going to have to go hospital in a min for a x-ray. the yoyo shooting back to my hand and whacking it soo hard :stuck_out_tongue: