Help with Michael Kurti's Boy Scout Slack.

I didn’t look his name up so I may have spelled it wrong. Anyway, in the Cabin Tutorial for this video I can understand how the trick works, but I can’t get the first actual slack part right for anything. Every time I go to throw the string over my non-throwhand it’s wrapped around my fingers in a way that will not allow it to fall over easily like in the tutorial. I’m wondering if anybody could explain what I’m doing wrong, or post a video if anybody has the time and knowledge. I’ve watched it closely and it looks like Charles grabs a piece of string with his throwhand pinky shortly after landing in the formation that you need to underpass the yoyo from, but since he keeps the string on both his middle and ring finger it’s a much more subtle motion than it would be and I think that’s what I’m doing wrong. If anybody can help I’d really appreciate it. I haven’t wanted to learn a new trick in a while, and this one just caught my eye.

So am I the only one on here that’s attempted to learn this trick?

I have learned the trick and am trying to figure out what you are ending up in at the moment.

What fingers are you using to hold the slack?

Hey, for this trick, is it good to use some string that is a bit longer than normal? because when i go into the double or nothing with my thumbs under the strings, i feel like the strings are to close together, so i cant roll the yoyo over and onto the back string. Is there a way to spread the strings apart?

Dude, I figured out the trick! one thing to help when rolling the yoyo over your NTH index finger, is to keep your TH thumb up, curl your TH index finger and use your Th index to move the yoyo over to land on the back string, then pinch the string that is on your TH index with your TH thumb. As for the slack, you have to use your TH to just unwrap it and then throw it back over the yoyo. Hope this helps!!

Accidental post. Sorry.