wrist mount star/cross etc powerpoint :P



from -0:48:sec  some nicee trick  i see it starts with wrist mount but no idea what to do  after it, mayby u know name of that trick, and any guide  video for doing it :slight_smile: ?

  • same movie from 1:07 those quick flips, how are they called?

any1 know?

It was confusing me until I realized he is throwing left-handed.

Throw wrist mount. Do one underpass with NTH. Insert NTH thumb into triangle, hook the back of thumb on string segment coming from yoyo, and turn NTH palm in, to turn triangle perpendicular to the rest of the formation. With TH index, hook the far string segment that descends from NTH index, pull it back while laterally flexing NTH away to form the star. Drop string from TH thumb, form cross. Drop string from NTH thumb, form tower. Drop string from TH index, form GT. Pop out from back.

Hope that helps!

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That was actually quite helpful. Between watching the video and your instructions, I figured out the trick in about 5 minutes =)


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thanks :slight_smile: i love that trick

Awesome! Thanks guys, I’m glad I was able to help! I had actually been wanting to learn something like that for a long time. I love watching freestyles that have this kind of element in them–a picture trick that changes and “dissolves” down to the most basic shape–especially when it “pops” to the beat of the music.

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ebi can u make a video guide how to do it step by step ;P? i am confused after nth underpassing :stuck_out_tongue: and hooking it with bth thumb, no idea what to do :<

I’ll try to put one together this week!

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All right, here you go! I slow-mo’d the tutorial part; I hope that helps!
Oh, amd sorry, YouTube is blocked at the school where I work, so I used Vimeo.

nice :stuck_out_tongue: thanks, no training time

There, how about this:


cool stuff thank for the video it was really helpful and because of it I have something new to play with.

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