help with wonderland


hiya, so at the very beginning of the trick he does that weird thumb mount with his throw hand, which I can’t get. I just can’t get my yoyo to go through the little loop you form with your thumb and middle finger. any suggestions?

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #2

Post the video, I’ve never heard of Wonderland.


here you go cameron


If I remember correctly (I can’t see the video at work), you do a wrist mount, dismount, but keep the web that forms around your wrist. Dismount the yoyo once again from the trapeze and bring it over sort of like a trapeze & bro, but mount it over the bottom string of the web that goes across your palm.

Don’t worry – you’ll hit your hand alot when first practicing this. “Turntablism” by Xela is another trick that uses this mount.

Now remember I’m going off memory of a video I haven’t seen in a while. If someone who can actually see the video knows this is wrong, please correct me.