Wrist Mount GT


i like doing this trick a lot. nice video.


Simple and flashy.

Yup. I also like popping it out and then back into a trapeze so I can flow it into something else.

Great job! Thank you for doing this. It is because of your video that I can now do it! I saw this and decided to learn it last night. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was the dismount because you could not see it in your video. But I was able to get some help from a world champion yoyo player and now I am good haha. Here is my video that you might enjoy.

Way to go! I shot some video last night to show you, but the lighting was bad in the room and it was late and I didn’t feel like bringing in the big lights(or color correct it to death). But, you definitely got it. I am just working on consistency on landing it into the trapeze after I pop it out.

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I found that just a slight pop out from behind the GT pop out closest to your body seems to work really well and helps with lessening the likelihood of missing.

I’m doing it differently. I’m landing into a trapee, then going into a “trapeze and brother” type reversal, going over the wrist and behind the string, rather than in front. Slide the mount onto the string and I’m in the green triangle.

Dismount is the same either way. I’m just really inconsistent on my landing. Nothing that can’t be fixed with tons of practice!

Doing the wrist mount this way is just another challenge. I can do it no problem now. I’ve been practicing for about 30 minutes now. I find the landing on the middle string is my only issue and I’m

lab 2 both of you guys

try doing a gt then popping it out then popping it into a wrist mount. its fun and looks cool.