Wrist mount - Dismount help

I know there are two ways to dismount from a wrist mount. I can pop the yoyo out of the triangle to dismount. I want to learn how to slide into a trapeeze as Andre does in his tutorial videos. Can anyone explain it to me so I can understand it more? Andre kind’ve rushed the second way to dismount the wrist mount.

If you do the first roll where you hop the yoyo over your index finger a la spirit bomb you can then pull your wrist out and fall into a GT. Hop the yoyo up and out of the GT into a trapeze.

if you have the heart shape frrom the double on part (but only doubling on once) you can double on to just one string. Its hard to explain just pick a string and double on to it. if it doesnt work, try the other one. Sorry for any confusion.

Look. I am in the same situation as you but not now. You know in the heart shape, there is a string right through the middle? When you double on, double on to ONLY that string in the middle. Like double on trapeze, but push it to the string in the middle of the heart.

^ What he said. Try twist your throwhand forward to get that string out the way, and double-on to the middle string.