Wrist Mount Dismount Question!

I’m having trouble dismounting from the Wrist Mount and I thought you guys could help! ;D I also thought we could number the specific triangles!


From left to right, bottom to top 1 and 2 are around your wrist. 3 is attached to your finger, and 4 and 5 are around your freehand finger.
Right now I’m just using the basic dismount where you pop it out, but I wanna know the alternative! Thanks for your help! :smiley:

if you need the other dismount its just a nderpass with yor finger to the bak

From there, push your nonthrowhand index into the string that is directly attached to the yoyo and land it back on that string attached to the yoyo and only that string. Then drop everything or drop everything except the loop the yoyo is sitting on and you have it.

I only see 4 triangles…

try rolling it over your freehand pointer and landing on back sring or try piching middle string ad pinch the slack and whip it into gap of yoyo the drop into green triangle

There’s a ton of ways to dismount from a wrist mount. You can do the way André shows you, where you land the yoyo the back string, you can just take out your throwhand and end in a GT. You can do the part of Spirit Bomb wher you go double on and then “reach around” the yoyo with your throwhand and end in a GT.

Yup, thanks for your help. -.-

Lol well you stated that there’s 5 triangles.

ASSUMING there’s 4 triangles, I dismount by underpassing my non-throwhand index finger into triangle 3. Then, I twist my throwhand wrist towards me, then I push into the middle string.

OKay, the way andre dismounts it isn’t too bad once you understand it. You know the part in spirit bomb right before the first pop where you go double on? It’s just liike that, instead of doing the same roll twice though, you do one roll onto both strings, and the second roll you want to angel towards you so that it hits the string (talking about the three strings on the bottom section) in the middle and rolls out on the side closer to your body. I don’t know if the way that I typed it makes sense, but there are three strings on the bottom. You stick your index finger in the gap to the right of the yoyo and you pull it under (moving your finger to the left) the yoyo, and then you push your index finger into the string that the yoyo is hanging from, and you swing the yoyo to the left and then up into that string, but lean the swing so that when it hits the string, it falls out of the bottom triangle on the side that is closest to your body.