Stuck on Wrist Mount Dismount.... thoughts?

I land the Wrist Mount, then underpass my NTH index finger under both the middle string and yoyo and end up at the position seen in the image below…

Now to finish the dismount (I think?) I push my NTH index finger into string #2 and flip the yoyo over my NTH index finger… this (then) positions strings #2 and #3 over my NTH index finger…

When I accomplish this and try to drop into the trapeze I end up with a knot. …nay… a megla-knot

Am I misunderstanding this step?  Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

I’m using the {} and the {} tutorials…

You need to tilt your TH to separate strings 1 and 2 so 3 gets rejected and doesn’t double on with 2.

A top down view of someone doing it correctly is the easiest way to see what is going on.

At 1:26 when you see if push his NTH finger into the two strings you see how he twists his wrist? That is what you need to do. :slight_smile:

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Thanks forge55b I’ll keep at it.

I saw (and was attempting) that twist of the wrist, but somehow am still getting tangled up.

Thank you for the pointer… I’ll work on it.

So when you twist the wrist you make it so the two strings separate from each other. Eventually it should just click and you’ll be like OH!!!

Got it! (finally) You were correct… I was fumbling the string it was sitting on (#1 , #3) and not disengaging it from the yoyo correctly.

Thank you for the help!

(now onto Spirit Bomb…)

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