WretchedRapture is the best

Great seller! was patient, kind, and honest throughout the entire transaction. He gave me a good deal, shipped the package almost immediately after I paid, the package arrived fast, and both throws were exactly as described! Wouldn’t hesitate to buy from him again! :smiley:

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Nothing but good things to say. Even got my package to me in a day!

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Also had a great experience buying from @WretchedRapture!

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Agreed, I had several very smooth and friendly transactions with him also

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I also had a great experience buying from @WretchedRapture. Very friendly, very quick shipping and he threw in some nice extras as well.

What I really want to point out is that he carefully bubble wrapped every yoyo with LOTS of bubble wrap, and reinforced the box with shipping tape. I’m sure glad he did because when my package got here it looked like it got dragged behind a truck all the way from Canada to here. Don’t know if it was USPS or Canada Post but that box was hammered. Nothing was harmed or lost due to the great care he took in packaging. Thank you!!


Had a great experience buying from @WretchedRapture!


Just picked up one from @WretchedRapture, communication was fast and clear. Throw arrived in great condition as well. Hope to do business with him again. Thanks!

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Bought three yoyos, all fine. Thanks!

I have nothing but nice things to say about WretchedRapture. Prompt, friendly, and honest. Bought their Mowl M, they packaged it VERY securely to ensure it wasn’t damaged in transit. Thanks so much!